Someone Is Probably Getting Married At Your Comics Shop Tomorrow

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06.19.12 4 Comments

If you walk in to pick up your subs tomorrow and see streamers and punch, don’t worry: your intervention is happening at work. Instead you’ve probably walked into one of dozens of same-sex marriages being held at comics shops across the country tomorrow.

It’s mostly a show of support for Marvel finally making an honest man out of Northstar in “Astonishing X-Men” #51. Although Marvel isn’t facing nearly the firestorm it would have had to deal with even ten years ago, or, in fact, the firestorm when they actually admitted Northstar was gay, there’s still a lot of flack individual shops have to deal with. Remember, Less Than One Million Moms still thinks anybody cares when they whine in a press release, even after Kevin Keller’s wedding sold out.

Still, it’s nice to hear that comics shops across the country are supporting their customers and employees. And we hope the comic’s worth reading, too.

image courtesy Marvel

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