Something, Something…Street-Legal TRON Light Cycle (Videos)

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By now, it should go without saying that Disney’s TRON:Legacy looks like a pretty damn good time and while we ourselves may not be able to run amok inside a violent virtual world, at least now we can all pick up biker babes like we do -thanks in part to Florida-based bike shop Parker Brothers Choppers and their fully operational TRON Light Cycle replicas. The shop recently built ten replicas and now you can own one of the remaining four left, all for the reasonable price of $55.00 $550.00 $5,500.00 $55,000.00.
Personally, the extent of my knowledge with motorcycles and/or choppers ends with: gas makes vroom machine travel. That said, everyone keeps calling these replicas “street-legal”, even though I’m still yet to see a single headlight or brake light on one of these things. Each bike weighs a total of 474 pounds and is just over 100 inches long by 23 inches wide, with the driver sitting just 28.5 inches from the ground. Of course by “sitting” I mean “operating dangerously close to the ground, testicles swinging wildly”.
Five videos after the jump from the Light Cycle build and test drive. Even more content is available through the Parker Brothers Choppers YouTube channel here.
And for the record “yes” rap rock is still very much alive, apparently.


TRON Light Cycle Test Drive:


Light Cycle – Wheels:

Three more videos next page:

Light Cycle – Rolling Test:

Light Cycle Biketoberfest Footage:

Light Cycle Promotional Shoots:

Special thanks to ToplessRobot and our friends at Joystiq.

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