Sony May Be Preparing To Finally Let You Play PC Games With Your PlayStation Controllers

07.06.16 2 years ago 5 Comments


For years now, people who wanted to play action-heavy games on a PC basically had two choices – use an Xbox controller, or take your chances with some sort of sketchy third-party option. But what about folks who (rightfully) prefer the feel of a PlayStation controller? The ol’ DualShock is the way most folks play console games, and yet you’ve never been able to officially use one for PC games.

Well, it looks like that may be about to change, as Sony has registered a new DualShock 4 Bluetooth adapter with the FCC. Since the PS4 already has built-in Bluetooth support, the logical assumption is that this adapter is designed to be plugged into computers, allowing people to play PC titles with a DualShock.

DualShock PC support certainly make sense. Microsoft is looking to erase the boundaries between PC and console games with their Play Anywhere program, and Sony has hinted that PC games might eventually get PlayStation VR support. This is the way things are going in general, and frankly, being able to use PlayStation controllers with your computer is something that’s long overdue.

What do you think? Will the ability to use PlayStation controllers convince you to buy more PC games?

via Eurogamer

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