Sony Owns Microsoft With This Video Making Fun Of XBox One’s Used Game Sharing Controversy

Well today was quite the big techie day as we got all sorts of Apple revelations, XBox news at E3 and now Playstation 4 finally made its reveal. The good folks at Gamma Squad will be giving us the in-depth breakdown tomorrow, but for now we can tell you one thing for sure: the people over at Microsoft are sitting in puddles of tears.

The PS4 has been widely considered the big E3 winner and one of the major reasons is the $399 price rage – a hundred bucks cheaper than the new XBox. The system also sent shots at Microsoft by harping on the fact there won’t be any Internet connectivity requirements and used game sharing would be allowed.

Here’s the video, which is basically the Rain of Castamere for the XBox One.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a burn from Sony about used game sharing; a sore spot for Microsoft.

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