Sony Ushers The Most Successful Console Of All Time Off To The Video Game Retirement Home

01.07.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Hey, did you know that Sony was still producing new PS2s up until this week? They were, but now that’s all over. Yes, he most successful home console of all time (if you include handhelds the Nintendo DS edges it out slightly) is finally being put to rest.

Since it launched over 12-years ago, over 150-million Playstation 2 units and 1.6 billion PS2 games have been sold. It was the rare system that really, truly had something for everyone. The PS2 managed to vastly expand the video game market, while still providing plenty of excellent content for hardened core gamers.

So, what did you folks think about the PS2? What were your favorite games and experiences with the system?

via Destructoid

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