Sony Wants Your Cat To Have A Twitter Page

06.02.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Sony is releasing a cat version of the Puppy Tweets gadget from “10 Pet Products That Are A Sign Of Mental Illness.”  Unlike Puppy Tweets, which Mattel claims has 500 unique tweets, the cat version has a much more limited vocabulary:

Here’s how it works: it’s a little box that hangs around kitty’s neck. It has a camera, an acceleration sensor and a GPS receiver on board. It keeps tabs on what the cat is doing, be it eating, running around, sleeping or hanging out with other cats. It then sends out one of 11 set texts via Bluetooth to a computer than then posts it to the cat’s Twitter feed. [DVICE]

EXCLUSIVELY EXCLUSIVE GAMMASQUAD EXCLUSIVE!!!  I found the super secret list of 11 tweets.  Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it?  Here it go:

  1. I’m running full speed through a hallway for no particular reason.
  2. I’m making “hork hork” noises in another room and you won’t get a paper towel under my chin in time. Because I’m also hiding.
  3. Touch my butt.
  4. Why aren’t you touching my butt?
  5. No, you aren’t understanding the gravity of the situation.  You need to touch my butt.
  6. I will fight you.
  7. I want chicken I want liver, she better feed me, or I’ll shiv her.
  8. Are you awake?  Hey.  Hey.  Hey.  Oh, good, you’re awake.  Now I can ignore you.
  9. My heart goes out to those poor disaster victims in– ha ha just kidding NOW TOUCH MY BUTT.
  10. I want in this room right now.  Changed my mind, let me out immediately.
  11. I hate.

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