‘South Park’ Takes Down Virtual Reality And Pretentious Hype Videos With The ‘Nosulus Rift’

Every hype video for a new product from the tech industry is essentially the same. There’s serious talking head interviews lit like they’re in a perfume ad, designers going on at length about their “process,” and then it turns out the product is, say, a water bottle with a WiFi card jammed in it. In other words, it’s perfect bait for the South Park team, who are in rare form promoting The Fractured But Whole‘s “Nosulus Rift.”

For non-gamers, South Park is, in addition to a long-running cartoon, a nascent old-school RPG franchise themed around the kids playing pretend. In The Stick of Truth, they stuck it to fantasy gaming, and in the new Fractured But Whole, they’re playing superheroes. There’s new gameplay clips scattered among the pretentious Japanese designers and alleged perfume specialists crafting the perfect machine to make people smell agonizing fart stench.

Believe it or not, though, this is a real thing various tech companies have tried to make happen for years. In fact, for a while, there was a company called GameSkunk essentially trying to make this happen. There’s even an internet protocol designed to attach smell to web documents, should that ever, in the future of man, become a thing. So don’t be surprised if this thing actually ships, although we suspect it won’t be quite as popular as the Oculus Rift.

(Via Mashable)