Watch Space X’s Historic Rocket Land Right In Front Of Your Eyes

We live in truly amazing times. I say that as someone who grew up dreaming of the stars and perhaps never stopped throughout my thirty-something years of life. It turns out being an astronaut is incredibly difficult and there were definitely things that I was better suited for. That’s okay, though, because our space-faring technology seems to finally be advancing again thanks to SpaceX. SpaceX is a privately owned company led by Elon Musk that has been dedicated to finding new ways to get humans and technology into space and exploring our surroundings after things with NASA seemed to stagnate a bit.

SpaceX have been doing some incredible things, including their Falcon 9 that was shot into space, dropped some satellites off, and then came back safely. Now you can do more than just watch that incredible, historic landing from a distance, you can actually watch a 360-degree video of the ship’s landing from the pad where it landed. That’s closer than a living, breathing person could get to that without being reduced to vapors, making technology all the more awesome.

This historic landing brings us yet another step closer to more affordable space travel and exploration, so soak it all in while you watch this video and get to look up and watch it land flawlessly on that pad.