‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Delights Comic And John Hughes Fans Alike At Comic-Con

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a villain, a feel, and a lot of excitement attached to it following its showcase at Marvel’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday. Many in attendance noted the film was some sort of perfect mesh of John Hughes and comic history, drawing from the hero’s deep rogues gallery to bring the Vulture to the big screen.

Cinema Blend notes that there’s no word on if Michael Keaton would be playing the role, but we do know he is playing a villain. It’d be an odd role given Keaton’s turn in Birdman back in 2014, but who knows. He’s got an eye for comedy.

The panel showed off some of the concept art for the film, giving us our first look at The Vulture’s costume:

But the folks in attendance also got a sizzle reel that showed how high school life will change for Peter Parker in this latest film according to IGN:

The clip started with a montage of yearbook images showing all the Marvel heroes (Iron Man, Black Widow, Cap, a nerdy Bruce Banner) as they did when they were in high school…

Then we got a lot of Peter Parker in high school action, with a racially mixed Queens Midtown High that feels much more 21st century New York City than previous versions of the character (Flash Thompson is now Indian, for example). Peter proves his brilliance in the classroom, sneaking a watch of YouTube videos of him fighting Giant Man while also managing to answer questions in class, or mixing his web fluid up under his desk when he’s supposed to be doing a classroom science experiment.

The Tinkerer is also rumored to be a villain in the film, providing The Vulture with his tech, but the Hall H panel didn’t confirm any firm details beyond what you see above according to Cinema Blend. Some other notable names have been tossed out alongside Michael Keaton for villain roles, so we’ll see who is playing who once the film gets closer to release next summer.

(Via Cinema Blend / IGN)