Splatter Trailer for Mutant Girls Squad

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06.10.10 2 Comments

Oh, Japan.  Below is the new splatter trailer (meaning it’s absurdly gory and NSFW) for Mutant Girls Squad (synopsis and first trailer here). It’s directed in three parts by these lunatics (and I say that with love): Yoshihiro Nishimura (Robo-Geisha [possibly NSFW], The Ancient Dogoo Girl), Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl [possibly NSFW], Robo-Geisha, The Ancient Dogoo Girl), and Tak Sakaguchi (the star of Versus).  It may be difficult to tell who directed which parts of the trailer, so Twitch provides a breakdown:

The group training shots are Iguchi, pretty much everything involving Yumi Sugimoto fighting outside is Sakaguchi, and the bigger the blood spray the better chance it came from Nishimura.

But who did the nose dildo guns scene?  And the teenage girl / squid hybrids? The boob swords?  And the multiple head explosions and amputations?  The powdered sugar covered panda wielding a katana? The only one of those I had to make up was the last one, but it’s based on my weekend plans. I keep it real.

[NSFW trailer via Twitch, banner (with subtle alterations) via Almasoscuras]

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