What Does Stan Lee’s Final Canadian Appearance Mean For American Conventions?

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During a radio interview in January, comic book legend Stan Lee stunned listeners when he revealed that he was no longer able to read comic books. Though upsetting, the news came as no surprise to fans familiar with the 93-year-old writer’s advanced age. Nor should Thursday’s revelation that his upcoming visit to the massive Fan Expo Canada in September will be his final public appearance in the country. It does, however, beg the question — how much longer do American convention attendees have before Lee has to cut those out of his schedule, too?

In a telephone interview with the Toronto Sun, Lee shot down concerns that his health was anything but great. The interviewer joked about Canadians doing something to upset him, but Lee merely countered that he wanted “to make it dramatic and not just another visit.” Being that this year’s Fan Expo Canada was going to be his last, he wanted “it [to mean] something.”

“It’s so pleasant to go somewhere where people like you and want to hear what you have to say. It’s very flattering. But I’m 93 years old. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do it. I want to make this one big event… I can’t run the marathon and win the way I used to.”

Two years earlier, Lee said his involvement in the 2014 London Film and Comic Con would mark his final European convention appearance. So, with the knowledge that he’ll no longer be making his way northward into Canada from his American home in the Hollywood Hills, what can we expect regarding his frequent travels among the annual American convention circuit?

Nothing so far, as neither Lee nor his representatives have made any official statements regarding his future plans for American conventions and public appearances. He’s currently scheduled to participate in panels, sign autographs and pose for pictures at the Planet Comiccon in Kansas City and MegaCon in Orlando later this year. And with semi-regular appearances at industry staples like the San Diego Comic-Con, Lee isn’t likely to lessen his American travel schedule anytime soon.

Considering his age and failing eyesight (not to mention a frightening trip to the hospital last summer), however, there’s a good chance that fans will be seeing less of Lee in the coming years.

(Via Toronto Sun)