Stan Lee Finally Voices A Superhero In This Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip From ‘Mighty 7: Beginnings’

04.14.14 4 years ago
stan lee


Stan Lee has spent decades building superhero mythologies. Creating superteams and cameoing in Marvel movies is pretty much all he does. But he’s never had a chance to mix it up with supervillains… until now.

The clip is pretty much exactly what you’d expect of Stan: Plenty of winking at the audience and enthusiasm. Oh, and also the ongoing theme of “Stan Lee Has Got To Get Paid.”

Mighty 7: Beginnings is, as you might expect, the start of a trilogy of animated movies debuting on the Hub Network. It’s also a wrap-up for two years of expectation for fans, who saw the original miniseries cut short in favor of shifting over to a series of animated movies. The movie premiered in February, but the Blu-Ray is packed full of extras, including this look at Stan voicing himself.

And, of course, it’s got Stan Lee kicking some butt. It’s not quite Spider-Stan, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

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