Star Trek to Boldly Explore the German Board Game Universe

01.23.12 6 years ago

So, it looks like somebody out there can read my dreams. How else to explain the fact that they’re making a Star Trek Settlers of Catan game? They’ve pretty much nailed the center of my personal nerd Venn diagram with this one.

Anywho, the game takes your typical themed board game approach — all the regular pieces have somewhat awkwardly been replaced with Star Trek themed ones. Not the most creative approach, but still — now you can trade Dilithium instead of gold! A Klingon Bird of Prey replaces the thief! Those of you who aren’t Trekkies or into German board games may not know what I’m talking about, but trust me, this is all very exciting.

Now all they have to do is make a Jurassic Park version of Carcassonne and I can die happy knowing all my favorite nerd obsessions and German strategy games have found happiness with one another.

via Geekosystem

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