‘Star Wars’ And Other Comics Of Note, March 11

Luke, Leia, Han and the team have another heist to pull in their latest book. We have a full review, plus a look at the rest of this weeks comics.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1

This is just a print collection of the unfolding Batman: Arkham Knight prequel comic released digitally. But, that said, it’s a pretty great Batman story, dealing with what happens when the Joker bites it and his post-death plans unfold. If you’re not following it on Fridays, it’s worth picking up the print version.

Batman: Detective Comics: Endgame

Honestly, out of context, this is little more than a generic action story about Anarky dealing with the Joker Plague. It’s interesting in light of the newly wrapped arc in Detective Comics, but little more than that.

Howard the Duck #1

Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones are unleashed on the avian trapped in a world he never made, and… well, things do not go well for poor Howard. The book itself, though, is a riot, packed with one-liners and taking a sharp, and hilarious, turn about halfway through. If you like ridiculousness in your comic books, this is highly recommended.

The Surface #1

It takes a lot of chutzpah to open your book with a giant stone vagina, and then have the second panel be a giant stone wang, pointing straight at it. But do we really expect anything less from Ales Kot at this point? I will say that The Surface, which draws rather heavily from Image’s beloved and gone-too-soon Nowhere Men in style and tone, doesn’t quite gel in this first issue. A bunch of hackers go camping and discover that the world is really a hologram, or some other hippie blather, and it leans somewhat too heavily on Langdon Foss’ trippy visuals to paper over the lack of forward motion in the plot. Which admittedly, are well-executed and beautifully tied together with visual themes that are subtly executed; Foss hides eye imagery in both obvious and subtle places.