Lucasfilm Assembles A Star Wars Story Group To Shake Up The Hierarchy

Some big changes are coming to Star Wars canon. Lucasfilm have created a Story Group to come up with a more cohesive canon for the movies and the Expanded Universe. Up until now, there was a hierarchy whereby George Lucas could ignore anything from the Expanded Universe and do whatever the hell he wants to with the feature films.

Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee tweeted that he and Pablo Hidalgo are part of Lucasfilm’s Story Group. Chee couldn’t say much, but he did reveal one of their primary goals: creating a more cohesive canon across all forms of media.

What does it mean for Star Wars: Episode VII? Hell if I know. It might mean one of those characters in a recent casting call could be from the Expanded Universe.

Last summer, I was repeatedly hearing fairly strong rumours were that Episode VII pays absolutely no attention to the Expanded Universe. That’s why I’ve never been pushing the notion that our new, young leads would include Mara Jade or Jaina or whoever else the EU gave rise to. Now… now I’m wondering if, perhaps, they might. That kind of weaving of EU in the main movies would certainly explain the purpose of Story Group, anyway. [Bleeding Cool]

If they’re considering new characters to bring into the canon, may we throw our endorsement behind Hologram Tupac?

(Deadpool panels courtesy of Marvel.)