The Star Wars Chicken Coop Is Here And It’s Incredible

02.21.14 4 years ago

Mark Anderson probably didn’t set out to have the world’s coolest poultry farm, but this chicken coop made with an old Star Wars billboard just landed him the title. Anderson had the idea to shelter his birds by repurposing the vinyl from old billboards, and it all came together. It’s like ecologists say, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Return of the Jedi.’ Actually, the billboard is for The Phantom Menace, widely considered to be one of the six best live-action Star Wars films.

The vinyl covering the chicken coop has the dual benefit of letting light in while keeping rain out. The chicks will spend the first phase of their lives in this enclosure, protected from any roaming chicken gangs looking to beat up nerds who like sci-fi.

Darth Maul obviously represents how these chickens will be split at the waist, and divided into white meat and dark meat.

Pictured above: Chicks who love Star Wars.

So what kind of movie is on the other side of the coop? More Sci-Fi? Action? Comedy?

A chick flick, of course. Nice touch.


Via Gizmodo. View more pictures at Modern Farmer.

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