These Cosplay Tips Will Help You Dress Like Your Favorite ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character

01.16.16 2 years ago


With Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally out in theaters, many fan questions have been answered (no spoilers!), but one issue remains: who on earth are you going to cosplay as at upcoming comic conventions/costume parties? Whether you need to begin planning your shopping list or if you’re the crafty type, here are five options to kick start your project.

Kylo Ren

star wars force awakens kylo ren front


Sure, he’s new to the franchise, but his outfit makes for perfect cosplay. The big reason why? It’s simple (but not at all cheap)! Aside from the mask itself (which I’m sure you can craft a makeshift version of if you aren’t willing to spend a whopping $699 on a high quality replica), you could find most of this costume in your closet if you have an affinity for black.

Tips: Make sure the attire is loose fitting so that you can tantrum without restriction because no one else understands what it’s like to be seduced by the dark side. Also, you need a custom lightsaber (another $199). Without it, you’re just dressed in all black with only your feels to keep you company at the party.

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