Daisy Ridley Has To Work Out With A Pillowcase On Her Head To Hide Her Secret ‘Star Wars’ Hairstyle

If you follow Daisy Ridley on Instagram like a good Star Wars fan, you know the lady posts a lot of workout videos. Gotta be in shape if you want to save the galaxy. Ridley’s most recent workout video has caught people’s attention for a unique reason, though.


Yes, Daisy apparently has to wear a pillowcase on her head to hide her oh-so-secret Star Wars: Episode VIII hairstyle. What kind of spoilers could we possibly glean from a hairdo? I could see her having to cover up if she was sporting full Princess Leia cinnamon buns, but whatever’s going on with her hair doesn’t appear to be covering her ears, so consider me stymied.

In other Daisy Ridley Instagram news, she recently posted this set pic.


Is that Ridley sitting on the cliff there? If so, we get a sort of general outline of what her hair looks like, and again, I’m not sure what the big deal is. Maybe it looks a little like one of Padme’s many looks from the prequels? I guess?

What do you think? What kind of hair-related secrets could Daisy Ridley possibly be hiding beneath her pillowcase? If we’re just guessing wildly, I’m going to go with a full Wookiee pelt wig.