‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Has Started Filming In Abu Dhabi And J.J. Abrams Has Video To Prove It

05.21.14 4 years ago 10 Comments


Well guys, it’s finally happening! Star Wars: Episode VII is totally, 100% officially filming on the new Tatooine sets in Abu Dhabi. Technically the crew has been there for about a week, but the first unit crew is now filming the real cast doing, um, things…and stuff. Things that might involve The Force and folks in dusty robes. Heard it here first!

Need proof that things are finally underway? Well, J.J. Abrams just sent out a video from the Abu Dhabi set

Yup, looks pretty Tatooine-ish! Note the fact that there were no green screens in sight and the alien that walked by wasn’t just a Styrofoam ball on a stick. Promising!

Oh, and if you want to get involved in that “Be in Star Wars” contest ol’ J.J. mentioned, you can do that right here.

Via The Hollywood Reporter & ComicBookMovie

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