Leaked ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Picture And Rumors Connect A Whole Lot Of Dots

If you thought the Star Wars: Episode VII leaks about the Stormtroopers’ new look and Han Solo’s sassy new outfits were the end of the purported leaks from the set, just wait. We have another batch of potential spoilers, this time about the villains. Ready are you?

Several sources (Badass Digest, Latino Review, and Indie Revolver) are reporting the villains in Episode VII will be Inquisitors, hence the picture above of The Inquisitor from Star Wars: Rebels. It won’t be the same Inquisitor in the movie, of course (the timeline wouldn’t make sense), but it is rumored to be another character who also answers to Darth Vader, wields a red lightsaber, and is tasked with killing all Jedi.

This jibes with previous rumors pegging the villains as Sith groupies who wield lightsabers and hunt Jedi. The rumor claimed Luke Skywalker’s been spending the past 30 years foiling their missions. Dan even said at the time that the villains seemed reminiscent of The Inquisitor.

Indie Revolver awesomely snagged a picture of some concept art of the character, whom they describe as “tall and thin and terrifyingly creepy, with glowing red eyes” as well as having “cybernetic bits weave in and out of him”, including a metal jaw. Badass Digest describes him as a cyborg with a half-metal face and a black robe. Here’s the concept art of this Inquisitor seemingly doing an Alas Poor Yorick with Darth Vader’s cracked helmet.

Both Indie Revolver and Badass Digest also mention his metal hand, and they add that the one in the picture J.J. Abrams tweeted was not Luke’s as we suspected, but rather this villain’s hand.

We suspect the character will be played by tall, thin, Marine veteran Adam Driver, who was rumored to be cast as a “Darth Vader style villain”. The only other tall leading actor strongly rumored to be a villain is Gwendoline Christie, who has been spotted training with a lightsaber. But the rumors describe this character as male, and not even Podrick is allowed to call her Sir.

If seeing the villain holding Vader’s helmet gives you hope that Vader may get cloned or otherwise appear in the new movies, you’re in luck, according to a rumor from Latino Review. They say the movie cuts to a flashback as Luke explains the history of these villains. He’ll reportedly say the Inquisitors and Sith have be connected for a long time, working with Darth Vader when Princess Leia was very young. Allegedly, we’ll see both Vader and a young Leia in this flashback.

Latino Review also makes some sense of a prior rumor. They say Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd will be playing the young Leia, which explains why we heard, when Lourd was cast, that she “will even have her hair tied up in Princess Leia-style buns”.

So there you have it. A whole lot of rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII that make some sense in light of other rumors. Or it could all just be an elaborate ruse.

Via Indie Revolver, Badass Digest, Latino Review, First Showing, Superhero Report, and Reddit