This Fan-Made ‘Force Awakens’ Trailer Is The Best Yet (Even If Rey Is A Dude)

We’ve already shown you a few fan-made remakes of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, including this no-budget Sweded take and a version created in Grand Theft Auto V, but this latest one from YouTuber Matthew Potter and Budget Videos is easily the best yet. Everything is still done with cardboard, construction paper and other handmade props, but it’s clear a huge amount of effort has been poured into this production. At times it genuinely replicates the feel of the actual The Force Awakens trailer.

Some of my favorite moments include them cleverly making BB-8 move by attaching him to the end of Rey’s staff and a flamethrower being replicated by and old bed sheet. Just one issue with the whole thing – Rey is played by a dude who looks like he really ought to be playing Kylo Ren instead. I guess when you spend all day making cardboard TIE fighters, sometimes you don’t have much time to meet ladies. Although they did find a girl to play Leia, so I dunno, maybe dude Rey was a conscious choice?

But hey, whatever, this video features an R2-D2 made out of a literal garbage can, so it’s got my approval.