This Jeep Really Wants To Ruin ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ For You

01.11.16 3 years ago 9 Comments


It was perhaps a little surprising how few spoilers leaked for Star Wars: The Force Awakens even after it arrived a month ago. By now, of course, everybody who wants to see it probably has. But that didn’t stop one guy from deciding he was going to ruin the biggest plot point.

Seriously, this is a huge spoiler. Don’t scroll down unless you’ve seen the movie. Here is a photo of Portland’s Unipiper on a BB-8 playing flaming bagpipes to see you off.

unipiper BB-8 star wars


Still here? Well, I warned you. Meet the guy ruining the movie for anybody behind him while he drives:

Yup, this guy so wanted to pee in everybody’s Elba that he not only put the spoiler out there, he commissioned a custom graphic in the classic typeface. Granted, people can be a bit oversensitive about minor spoilers, but there’s a fine line between spoiling something by accident and deliberately trying to ruin everybody’s fun.

We’re not quite sure where you’ll find this guy. That looks a lot like the Mid-Atlantic from the photo, but this rolling spoiler could be lurking anywhere. Really, the only way to stop him is to go see the movie. Either that, or cover his car in Making a Murderer spoilers.

(Via Twitter, with thanks to Bansky)

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