A ‘Star Wars’ Pop-Up Restaurant Lets Galactic Gourmets Wash Down Their Hutt Dogs With Blue Milk

Well, the inevitable is finally happening – food nerds and Star Wars nerds are coming together to create a wacky pop-up restaurant. Opening this summer in London, The Fork Awakens (ho ho) promises to “take foodtroopers into an immersive journey through time and space, with many familiar adventures and interactive adventures along the way.”

Time and space? Star Wars isn’t really that big on time travel. The pop-up’s webpage also claims the restaurant will be set in “Darth Vader’s kingdom,” which makes me wonder if the folks behind this endeavor have actually watched Star Wars. Sure, Darth Vader was a damn powerful Sith, but he wasn’t the goddamn King of Space. Lord yes, but the specifics of his royal dominion were non-canon at… never mind.

The proposed menu for the restaurant is a bit more promising:

Yeah, some of those dishes are merely dorky puns (Hutt dogs) or just named after a random Star Wars thing (Jedi lightsaber cocktail), but a few of them are actually from Star Wars lore. Wasaka Berry Pudding! Blue milk! It’s too bad they didn’t go deeper in this direction.

Instead of Hutt dogs, why not cook up some frog legs and call ’em Jabba’s Klatooine Paddy Frogs? Or make a version of the Rootleaf Stew Yoda gave to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back? And how could this restaurant not be a hit if they served Rey’s self-rising bread? Which is totally a real thing, by the way. Sure, some Star Wars foods aren’t that appetizing-looking, but if you’ve already got good ol’ stomach-curdling blue milk on the menu, why not go authentic all the way?

The Fork Awakens opens in London on June 23, and runs for six nights. Dinner will cost around $80 a piece, so you’d better start saving up your space credits. You can reserve your spot, right here.

(via Mashable)