Bikers Can Now Geek Out Thanks To This Working ‘Star Wars’ Speeder Motorbike

There’s no rule saying that hardass bikers can’t also be sci-fi nerds. After all, somebody needs to be holding up the bar at the Mos Eisley Cantina, If you have someone in your life who loves Star Wars and Sturgis in equal measure, maybe consider getting them this street-legal speeder bike to make every highway feel like the forests of Endor.

The bike comes from Vintage Works, a Wisconsin custom shop that did everything in their power to make this speeder as close to the real deal as possible, up to including sound effects and working steering flaps. Take a listen to how it sounds when they fire it up.

A few minor caveats: It doesn’t fly, but who needs the hassle of getting yet another license? And right now, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece. But if you have a wealth of Imperial credits at your disposal, you might be able to convince the guys at Vintage Works to start your own personal fleet.

For more people taking their fandom to adorable/awesome lengths, check out this video of kids lightsaber-battling roman candles. Then take a look at this little Star Wars fan who was treated like royalty (or at least a Knight of Ren) by Disney staff.

(Via io9)