Stop Tweeting About Seeing A UFO, Russell Crowe!

03.07.13 5 Comments

If you follow him on Twitter, you know that puffy Outback Steakhouse mascot Russell Crowe took a break yesterday from tweeting about his fitness regimen to tweet about, ugh, other stuff. Specifically that he photographed a UFO in his native Australia when he set up a camera to capture images of bats flying around at night near Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

The video he links to in those tweets is below…

Naturally, Crowe’s UFO claim has been met with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially since he has a movie coming out — Broken City — that he’s currently doing publicity for. Some have charged that the images are Photoshopped. But the images are likely the result of a timed exposure. Crowe’s UFO is probably just a sailboat, as this guy helpfully explains…

So shut up about UFOs, Russell Crowe. You’re embarrassing yourself.

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