Straight To The Moon! The Latest ‘Destiny’ Trailer Introduces Us To ‘The Hive’

10.01.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Hey folks, prepare your eyeballs because we have a new trailer for Bungie’s pretty sweet looking shooter/MMO Destiny. This trailer introduces the game’s main villains, a race of aliens called “The Hive” that spent centuries preparing humanity’s destruction inside a giant base in the center of our moon. Those dirty sneaks. Soooo yeah, not terribly realistic, but hey, it’s a video game, and as Metroid has shown us multiple times, delving into the center of a planet can be pretty fun. I assume that goes for moons too.

Hit the jump for the trailer…

Welp! Time to nuke the moon! Get on it Obama.

via Kotaku

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