‘Street Fighter V’ Unveils A Bizarre New Character, Announces All DLC Will Be Available For Free

At the end of the recent Street Fighter V character reveal trailer for Ken, Capcom gave us a couple flashes of another character. People speculated this was a tease for Akuma, or E. Honda, but it turns out that it was for a completely new, and completely bizarre, character.

Necalli is a “wild, animalistic” fighter who sports some truly absurd giant red dreadlocks. No word on where this guy is supposed to be from. I guess Capcom finally ran out of ethnic stereotypes to draw from. I have a feeling that fan opinion will be more than a little split on this weirdo.

In other Street Fighter V news, Capcom unveiled their DLC plans for the game. Unlike in the past, Capcom will not be releasing countless, full-price updates to the game. No Super Ultra Street Fighter V Turbo Ex+. Instead, all gameplay and roster additions will be offered as DLC, and, even more surprisingly, you’ll be able to get them all for free. Street Fighter V will have an in-game currency called “Fight Money” that you can use to buy all future DLC. Of course, if you’re short on Fight Money, you can use real money to purchase DLC.

What do you folks think about Capcom’s approach to DLC for Street Fighter V? We’ll see how it works in practice, but I like what I’m hearing.

via PlayStation Blog & IGN