An Amazing ‘Macho Man’ Version Of Zangief Is Among The New Costumes Coming To ‘Street Fighter V’

Yesterday saw the release of a major, free update for Street Fighter V, and of course nosy gamers are already picking it apart for secrets. Officially, the update delivers a new challenge mode, additional online options and opens the game up for DLC, but unofficially fans on NeoGAF have found a number of new alternate costumes hidden in the update’s code, and a lot of them are pretty fantastic. You can check ’em all out above.

The best new outfit of the bunch is unquestionably Zangief’s tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage. There’s also a touch of Hulk Hogan with the red and yellow shirt and boots. The big Russian has always been identified as a pro wrestler, but this is one of the few times Capcom has made reference to specific real-world wrestlers with him.

While on the subject, Street Fighter V‘s other pro wrestler, R. Mika is sporting a new outfit that’s part luchadore, part Brazilian Carnival costume and, uh, part bird? It’s a whole lotta look.

Other highlights include a de-mulleted Ken and a rockin’ Freddie Mercury version of Birdie.

Yup, there is now a game where Randy Savage can give an obese Freddie Mercury a spinning piledriver. Just take a second to let that sink in.

via Shoryuken