GammaSquad DLC Report: ‘Street Fighter V’ Finds Its Fighting Spirit In Its New Story Mode

07.05.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Welcome again to the GammaSquad DLC Report, where we give you the lowdown on the latest additions to your favorite games. We’ll break down what the DLC includes, if it’s fun and whether it changes the opinion we rendered in our original review of the game.

As we’ve covered extensively, Street Fighter V was badly lacking in features and content at launch. Back in March, the game added a Challenge Mode and new fighter Alex, but it wasn’t enough to fundamentally change our opinion of the game. Now, more than three months later, Capcom has delivered a new cinematic story mode and three additional fan-favorite fighters. Are these new additions enough to make Street Fighter V the must-have fighter it ought to be?

Street Fighter V Story Mode Update (PC & PS4)

What’s Been Added

The new cinematic story mode “A Shadow Falls,” and three new characters (Ibuki, Balrog and Guile).

What You Pay

The story mode is free, while the new characters cost $6 or 100,000 in-game Fight Dollars apiece.

Is the Street Fighter V Story Mode Update Fun?

From a gameplay standpoint, A Shadow Falls is somewhat lackluster. Basically, you sit through cutscenes for a couple minutes, play a single-round fight that’s usually over in 30 seconds, then it’s back to the cutscenes. It’s not terribly interactive. It’s also not very challenging until the very end, which is kind of necessary, since you’re jumping from character-to-character, and nobody but true Street Fighter fanatics master the entire roster.

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