‘Street Fighter V’ Will Be A PS4 Exclusive; This Sentimental Trailer Has Leaked

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12.05.14 14 Comments
street fighter v


UPDATE: Capcom apparently keeps handing out takedown notices; if we find a new copy of the trailer, we’ll put it back up.

Capcom wasn’t supposed to put up the trailer for Street Fighter V just yet; the game will likely officially premiere during PlayStation Experience this weekend. But that didn’t stop somebody at Capcom from jumping the gun and uploading the trailer to their official YouTube account earlier.

According to VG 24/7, the trailer was quickly taken down, but just as quickly mirrored. The trailer itself is fairly light on the details, with one or two very brief snippets of actual gameplay. It’s mostly a mix of inspirational quotes and footage that reminds us that, hey, we really love Street Fighter, so we should spend $60 on the game.

The most interesting point is that Street Fighter V will be a PS4 and PC exclusive. Capcom is remaining mum about the details on that particular point, but realistically, it’s not a surprise. Capcom’s biggest audience is Japanese, and Japan hates the Xbox One. And it’s not like this is going to sting Microsoft all that much, although we’d imagine some are annoyed at not getting a crack at the game. Still, it’s an interesting hint about where future third-party exclusives might fall.

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