‘Street Fighter V’ Rolls Out A New Trailer And An Old Friend

The latest trailer for Street Fighter V doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay, although we do get a look at the game’s interesting painterly art style. It looks almost like fan paintings come to life, and in a good way. But if you’re looking for gameplay, Capcom’s rolled out plenty of that, too.

First off, we meet a beloved character in the form of Zangief, who is just as gloriously cheap and painfully slow as he was in the days of using his Flying Stomach attack to inflict a dizzy on a soon-to-be-former friend. His superpower this go-’round somehow makes him an even cheaper fighter, able to cancel knockback.

There are two other videos, as well. One exploring Nash, who seems to be important to the game’s plot and who stands in for Guile here, fitting because technically he’s Guile’s martial-arts teacher. The other is for Necalli, who appears to be equally important to the plot and looks to play a bit like, of all characters, Wolverine from Marvel vs. Capcom. Check out those slash attacks and you’ll wonder what Logan might have gotten up to in his off-hours.

We won’t have to wait long to see how they fight, as the game arrives Feb. 16. Until then, may we recommend you celebrate by layering Guile’s theme all over everything?

(Via Bleeding Cool)