This Exhilarating ‘Street Fighter V’ TV Spot Celebrates The Series’ Passionate Fans

02.11.16 2 years ago

Few video game franchises can boast a dedicated, passionate fanbase than Street Fighter. There are those who dedicate themselves to mastering their Street Fighter skills, you can make good money on the eSports scene if you’re good enough, but a lot of people just love the characters and universe. Ryu and Chun-Li will be two of the most cosplayed characters from now until the end of time. Some of us completely suck at the game, but have nevertheless spent the last 25 years ineptly battling our friends and having a blast.

The first TV spot for Street Fighter V celebrates the Street Fighter community as much as the game itself. We get some nice new gameplay footage, but we also see the cosplay, the original art and the crowds hanging on every kick, punch and hadoken at tournaments. For a lot of folks, Street Fighter is more than just a game and it’s cool to see Capcom realizes that.

While we’re at it, Capcom has continued to put out videos that introduce Street Fighter V characters and delve into how they work. A lot of classic characters have had their styles revamped for Street Fighter V, so these are all worth checking out…

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