Student Creates Magic Major, Parents Cry Over Lost Thousands

04.28.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Just to break from the “royal we” for a moment, your correspondent on this story is, in fact, an avid juggler. Juggling is like nerd herpes, once you catch it, you carry it around for life.  So I understand the desire of Jordan Goldklang, aka Jordini, to make something that takes long hours, hard practice, and offers absolutely zero reward unless you enjoy being on cruise ships and street corners a heck of a lot, into a degree, because at least he’ll have something to show for all that time he spent not talking to girls. But dude, Jordan, seriously, a magic major?  Come on man.  I’ve got a theatre degree, for God’s sake, probably the least employable major on the planet unless you have blackmail photos of website editors incredible writing talent and huge reserves of charm.

If you’re wondering how Goldklang got away with this, no, he didn’t hypnotize school administrators (although we’re not ruling out blackmail).  It’s courtesy of the individually designed major program at Indiana University, and we’re sure IU is very proud, and no doubt working on a way to make scholarships refundable.  If you live in Indiana, you can catch Jordan at the Bloomington TGI Friday’s, no doubt a preview of his future career.

[Thanks to Eibmoz for the tip.]

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