‘Suicide Squad’ Gets An Extended Remix Trailer Full Of Bad Guy Goodies At Comic-Con

Those in attendance at Hall H were greeted by this wonderful Suicide Squad remix that gives us our best look at what to expect in a few weeks once the film hits theaters. It’s got the best of everything we’ve seen so far, mixed with some of the soundtrack moments, and a few key spoilers. So I guess take this as your spoiler alert for the clip above.

The real “spoiler” if it is one at this point is who our big bad is for the film. There’s no real indication why, but you can tell from the trailer that most of the trouble the heroic villains seem to flying in to face is due to someone’s powers getting out of control.

Harley Quinn certainly seems to live up to all the hype and praise we’ve read in the past months, Will Smith isn’t telling anybody to take a knee, and there’s still enough of the Joker left out of the picture to make you wonder where he’s going to end up in the movie. And like we saw in her solo introduction trailer, Viola Davis brings Amanda Waller to the big screen in style. One just doesn’t want to f*ck around with her.

Not much negativity to lay out here, so hopefully it is able to cut loose and have a good time away from the type of pressure we saw on Batman V Superman. Not saying the latter is without fault, it just had a lot to live up to.

(Via Warner Bros)