Dig Deeper Into ‘Suicide Squad’ With A Video Round Up Of Easter Eggs And References

Video contains spoilers for Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Despite a lukewarm reception for Suicide Squad by critics (our reviews here and here), the director’s cut still broke August records for Fandango ticket pre-sales, had a record-breaking opening night, and broke another August record for opening weekend domestic gross of $135.1 million (compared to tracking estimates ranging from $125 million to $140 million).

Now that it’s finally in theaters, Mr. Sunday Movies returns to the subject of Suicide Squad Easter eggs, this time for the whole movie rather than digging into the trailers as in previous installments. The video is filled with spoilers, including Slipknot’s swift death (called it), Enchantress being the real villain (also rumored long ago), the mid-credits scene, and some creepy things lying around the Joker’s place (still probably not as creepy as things lying around Jared Leto’s house).

There were also quick references to all the damn tattoos and Captain Boomerang being captured by The Flash in a scene directed by Zack Snyder. The movie also revealed Joker wasn’t the one who killed Robin. Harley Quinn did it, which is going to make things awfully awkward if her and Batman have to work together in a sequel.

But more important than all of those Easter eggs and references is this game changing PRO TIP:

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies)