The First ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Photo Assembles Its Task Force X, Reveals Who’s Playing Who

Before anybody asks, Joker isn’t in the picture because he’s not in Task Force X. As rumored, he’s more of an antagonist than a team member. Anyway, Suicide Squad director David Ayer just posted the photo above on Twitter. This comes after a tease earlier today from Ayer and Cara Delevingne:

Here’s a slightly larger version of the photo, and a breakdown of who’s who (as far as we can tell, I could be wrong).

In front is Karen Fukuhara playing Katana (instead of Plastique as was rumored).

And here’s the back row, left to right:

Also missing from the picture are Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Jim Parrack (who may be playing Deathstroke), and Ike Barinholtz (rumored to be Dr. Hugo Strange).

Really, as long as they get Harley right (and it looks like they did), I’m on board.

UPDATE: And here’s an additional picture of Will Smith’s Deadshot costume, posted by Smith on Facebook 12 minutes ago (thanks to commenter esopillar34 for the heads up).