‘Suicide Squad’ Works Disturbingly Well With The ‘Friends’ Theme

The Rembrandts’ jangly, generic pop tune about how life sucks when you have to get a job and be a responsible adult was inescapable in 1995, thanks to Friends, and it’s more or less been playing somewhere in the world since. But it turns out that maybe it was just a song before its time. Perhaps it was just waiting for the right movie to come along, in the form of Suicide Squad.

OK, maybe not. But the theme does work surprisingly well here, and not just because if Ross were a supervillain he would probably be Captain Boomerang. After all, these are people with relatable problems, it’s just that they generally use violence instead of passive-aggressive snarking to solve said problems, which, again, is good for Ross because after the third, “We were on a break!” he’d probably be lit on fire.

This does, however, raise questions about who’d fill which roles if Friends were cast with supervillains. As we’ve noted, Ross is Captain Boomerang, since both are whiny and ineffectual, and Harley is clearly Phoebe. Which we suppose makes Katana the Monica in this particular situation, although it’s difficult to see who’d be Chandler or Joey. Somehow we just can’t imagine Joey with a gun. Are Blue Beetle and Booster Gold still available?

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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