A New ‘Suicide Squad’ Rumor Says You’re All Wrong About The Main Villain’s Identity

We’re still eleven months away from the Suicide Squad release, and it will be interesting to see whether Warner Bros. can maintain promotional momentum for that duration. As the wait continues, even inner-cast tattoos and loving notes from the characters’ creators gain traction amongst the DC crowd. Fan theories could certainly help move things along as well, but one Internet rumor could rule the next wave of speculation.

The film’s fairly intricate trailer teased a lot and revealed very little. We’ve been told that there’s a threat so large, only the power of these collective supervillains can defeat it. Who or what exactly is this mega-threat, and why does it frighten the government so much? A brand spanking new rumor may have nailed the answer to these questions.

The theory makes perfect sense after rewatching the film’s official trailer. One villain never shows up in any footage with the rest of the assembled squad. This character shows up in official cast photos, but the trailer is so cleverly arranged that it’s easy to overlook her omission from the group. Heroic Hollywood appears to be the first outlet who picked up on this connection.

Early on in the story, actress Cara Delevingne starts off as June Moone (who makes out with Joel Kinnaman in the trailer). June ends up uncovering an evil entity, which contains a power that transforms her into Enchantress. After her transformation, Delevingne never appears alongside the other villains. She wears the Enchantress costume and, truly, looks even more messed up than Jared Leto’s Joker. She’s also shown while sitting in a body of water, clearly losing her sh*t underneath a pentagram.

In the comics, Enchantress does act as part of the Suicide Squad. Yet the trailer’s editing seems to indicate that she isn’t a part of the group, or at least, that’s where Warner Bros. could take this cinematic installment. The theory further holds that June will not be able to control her new powers, which will lead her to try and “resurrect her dead brother with the hope that they can destroy the world together.” Yes, this seems like a perfectly plausible explanation for the film’s main plot. A female mega-villain could also shake up the male-dominated superhero movie realm. One thing is certain — no one sits underneath a pentagram for sheer fun, especially not if they call themselves Enchantress.

(Via Heroic Hollywood & Comics Alliance)