Who Is The Villain Of ‘Suicide Squad’? David Ayer Drops A Few Hints

We’re two months away from Suicide Squad, and much of it remains tantalizingly under wraps. Is Harley the hero? What role does Batman play in the story? And who the heck is the villain? That last one is possibly the most vexing, but director David Ayer has dropped a few hints.

We do know that the villain, whatever it is, is pretty gross. We see its henchmen spewing tentacles and going around with heads covered in eyes. Ayer is fairly closed-mouthed, but he does refer to the lackeys studded with eyes as “The Eyes of the Adversary.” Here’s what he said in an interview with Total Film and Charles Roven, the producer of the film:

Let’s just say, when they’re called in to do this mission by Amanda [Waller], these are one of the things they encounter. They don’t know how they got here, but they’re weird and dangerous and yet they’re wearing military uniforms.

The speculation has been that this is something unleashed by the Enchantress, who doesn’t seem to be part of the team in the trailers. Another theory has been that this is something the Joker lets loose on the world, either with intent or by mistake, and the Squad is just doing janitorial duty. And of course there’s a DC villain named “The Adversary” who gets his powers from a deal with the devil, so Ayer might be overly literal.

Still, there’s another nominee worth considering: The DC supervillain Starro, who takes over people’s minds by dropping starfish on their heads in the comics. DC has shown a tendency to reinvent its sillier villains over the years and Starro, while undeniably a serious threat in terms of his ability to crush free will and unite a species as a hive mind… well, he’s a purple starfish. Also, his victims go around with little purple starfish on their faces. It’s menacing if you know what it means, and really, really silly if you don’t. We’ll find out if Starro’s gotten a redo this August.

(via Comics Alliance)