‘Suicide Squad’ Will Apparently Feature A ‘Pivotal’ Mid-Credits Scene

Post-credit sequences have done a bang-up job of revolutionizing the way we lie to the person next to us that we TOTALLY know what a “best boy grip” is. (It sounds very porno, to be honest.) Seeing as everyone’s worked up into a lather over the looming arrival of Suicide Squad, there’s some curiosity to whether or not the motion picture will be equipped with such a thing. reports that you can expect a mid-credits sequence from Suicide Squad. An essential one at that. The site claims the bonus chunklet is “pivotal and important” which makes the sequence seem… well, pivotal and important. No details were spilled on the content of the sequence, so let’s all pretend we’re getting 5 minutes of Jared Leto’s Joker arguing with his tattoo artist. We’ll also accept Will Smith performing “Miami” as Deadshot. Consider us flexible like that.

The inclusion of a mid-credits sequence means (at least at the moment) that you won’t have to wait around for an end credit sequence. You’re allowed to and a lot of people worked hard on the film, so that’s the super-polite thing to do, but it doesn’t sound mandatory. Of course, everything’s subject to change and the paranoia of missing out on something (or anything) will likely keep DC die-hards glued to their seats. Or they’re just hot and bothered over Jay Hernandez.


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