The Suicide Squad Is Looking Good In New Set Photos

Suicide Squad is less than a month away, and fans are excited to see what DC’s got on tap for the villains turned reluctant heroes with a cast that went a little too far with the Method acting. And Entertainment Weekly has a few behind the scenes photos, interesting both in what they show us and what they’re keeping hidden.

EW has both a gallery of mugshots:

And some new photos to show off.

Mostly what we can glean from this is that the Joker would like to get back together with Harley, which is a first, and that Common, long rumored to be playing minor supervillain the Tattooed Man, is playing a character called “Monster T,” which he previously spoke about here. He has some sort of affiliation to the Joker and it looks to be a small role early on in the movie. So either he is the Tattooed Man and he gets flattened by the Joker early on, or he’s got more of a role to play than it looks, since you don’t exactly cast somebody as recognizable as Common as “Gangster The Joker Murders #49818247.”

Just as interesting as what we’ve learned is what’s being kept under wraps. Scott Eastwood and Ike Barinholtz are notably nowhere to be found in these photos, and we still don’t know who they’re playing. It’s also not entirely clear who the antagonist is. But we’ll find out soon enough: Suicide Squad arrives August 5.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)