The ‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Beat The ‘Batman V Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer

Entertainment Editor
07.21.15 18 Comments

If you had asked me last month if people were more excited about Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice I’d say Batman punching Superman is a more recognizable image to the average moviegoer than Harley Quinn and, uh, those other people. Well I’m here to say I’m wrong. Both about the relative popularity of the Comic-Con trailers for these movies, and about the decision to purchase a MiniDisc player in 1996. So very wrong.

As it turns out, the Suicide Squad trailer that leaked this month — followed by a high quality official version — proved even more popular than this month’s Comic-Con trailer for Batman V Superman. According to THR, streaming media monitoring firm Zefr estimates 50.9 million total views for the Suicide Squad trailer last week, compared to 42.7 million views for Batman V Superman, which had a two-day head start. Hmm, we wonder why people were so interested in Suicide Squad footage…

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