The ‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Beat The ‘Batman V Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer

If you had asked me last month if people were more excited about Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice I’d say Batman punching Superman is a more recognizable image to the average moviegoer than Harley Quinn and, uh, those other people. Well I’m here to say I’m wrong. Both about the relative popularity of the Comic-Con trailers for these movies, and about the decision to purchase a MiniDisc player in 1996. So very wrong.

As it turns out, the Suicide Squad trailer that leaked this month — followed by a high quality official version — proved even more popular than this month’s Comic-Con trailer for Batman V Superman. According to THR, streaming media monitoring firm Zefr estimates 50.9 million total views for the Suicide Squad trailer last week, compared to 42.7 million views for Batman V Superman, which had a two-day head start. Hmm, we wonder why people were so interested in Suicide Squad footage…

For what it’s worth, both movies are owned by the same studio (Warner), and both outperformed everything else last week. The nearest competition was the intense trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy drama The Revenant with 11.8 million views.

To put this into perspective, Suicide Squad‘s first trailer garnered more views in its first week than Avengers: Age of Ultron did in its first week (50.9M compared to 50.6M), but was less viewed than the first week of trailers for Jurassic World (53.9M) and Stars Wars: The Force Awakens (58.2M).

That puts Suicide Squad in some amazing company, and might mean the David Ayer directed film could draw a much larger audience than originally expected. Those are some nice #SquadGoals.

(Via THR, This Isn’t Happiness, @SuicideSquadWB, and CBM)