Fans Have Found A ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ Animation You’re Almost Guaranteed To Have Not Seen

It’s kind of amazing how much care and detail Nintendo put into its classic 8-bit games. Recently a Punch-Out!! secret that remained unknown to most for over 25 years made the Internet rounds, and now fans have dug up a fun little tidbit from Super Mario Bros. 3.

If were gaming back in the NES era, you no doubt know Mario 3 forwards, backwards and upside down. You probably think you’ve seen all the game has to offer, but the Nintendo fact finders at Supper Mario Broth have found a Mario animation you almost certainly missed. Why? Because there’s only one scenario in the entire game where you’d see it.

As you likely know, you can slide down slopes in Mario 3. The exception to this is when you’re wearing Hammer Bros. suit. When you push down on a slope while wearing Hammer Bros. suit, you simply duck into your shell. The only way to do a slide while in Hammer Bros. form is to be already sliding as you grab the suit. There’s exactly one place in the game where you can do that. Check it out below…

The fact that Nintendo’s designers would make a unique animation for this one, obscure situation really speaks to the amount of love the company pours into their games. There have been a lot of stories recently portraying Nintendo as a heartless corporation, but there are some true artists working behind the scenes.

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(Via Supper Mario Broth)