‘Super Mario Bros.’ Is Somehow Even Better (And Cuter) When Hamsters Are Involved

Provided you didn’t arrive on this story while passing out face-first into your laptop, you’ve likely come here to see a hamster get up to some exciting and adorable Super Mario Bros. funzos. And why wouldn’t you? It’s summer, you’ve earned it and this is what the internet™ is for.

The clip you see nestled above features a hamster (who presumably has little plumbing or mustache experience) navigating the Nintendo world before them. Our hero isn’t quite as nimble as Mario, but look at that excellent warp pipe dive! That’s skill and instinct. You can’t teach that. Just look at that furry butt peaking out.

Naturally, there was also a triumphant reemergence as well. This rodent’s a pro, dude.

The clip’s already snagged some attention online, clocking in at a robust 121,000 views since debuting two days back. According to RocketNews24, the clever builder behind the diorama wound up designing the stage after her daughter asked if they could construct a maze for their hamster friend. As you can see, the results were pretty darn charming and the sound touches help make the journey all the more whimsical. It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s more than worthy of 8-bit fireworks and you should be watching it right now.

(Via RocketNews24)