Japanese Teen Girl Death Metal Band Babymetal Is Coming To ‘Super Mario Maker,’ And Wait, What?

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker is gradually transforming into quite the oddball cultural mashup. One of the game’s power-ups is the Mystery Mushroom, which can turn you into a myriad of different characters. Most of these characters are from the Mario series or other Nintendo franchises, but the game also lets you transform into Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man and, uh, a Mercedes-Benz GLA? Well, the latest Mystery Mushroom transformation is the most surprising yet.

Yes, you’ll soon be able to play as the band Babymetal in a Mario platformer. For the tragically unhip out there, Babymetal is America’s latest Japanese pop music fascination. The band consists of Suzuka Nakamoto (“Su-metal”), Yui Mizuno (“Yuimetal”), and Moa Kikuchi (“Moametal”), who do your typical Japanese bubblegum pop singing and choreographed dancing while heavy metal riffs blaze in the background. It’s wacky, but fun! And kind of hard not to love. Again, for those not as cool as me, here they are performing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

For the Super Mario Maker transformation, all three members of the group will come smushed together as one unit. Check them out in action, below.

Pretty cool, although I was hoping for a heavy metal remix of the Mario theme. Now, of course, this is where I should list other Japanese girl groups I want in Mario Maker, but the last one I listened to previously to Babymetal was Puffy AmiYumi. Ah, what the hell – Puffy AmiYumi for Mario Maker! And Shonen Knife! I’m old!

(via Engadget)