You Can Now Cruise Through ‘Super Mario Maker’ Stages In An 8-Bit Mercedes-Benz SUV

12.09.15 2 years ago

As you may recall, last year Nintendo and German car-maker Mercedes-Benz formed a rather unlikely alliance. This team-up resulted in Japanese car commercials featuring a hunky male model Mario, and Mercedes-Benz karts popping up as free DLC in Mario Kart 8. It was certainly an unexpected crossover, but hey, Mercedes-Benz rides showing up in a racing game like Mario Kart made a certain amount of sense. Well, get ready for something that makes no damn sense at all.

Nintendo has just announced that you can now play as an 8-bit Mercedes-Benz SUV in their Mario level-editor Super Mario Maker. Once players play through a special Mercedes-Benz-themed course, they’ll be able to place the Mercedes-Benz Mystery Mushroom in any of their created stages. Grabbing said Mystery Mushroom will allow players to cruise over platforms in German-engineered luxury style. What the hell has Mario been doing slowly jumping his way to Bowser’s castle when he had a damn car all along?

I have a feeling this won’t be the end of this Nintendo/Mercedes-Benz crossover. Who wants to take bets on whether you’ll be able to cruise the fields of Hyrule in an S-Class in the next Legend of Zelda?

(via Tech Times)

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