There’s One Month Left To Make The ‘Supergirl’/’Arrow’/’The Flash’ Crossover Happen

01.11.16 4 years ago

Remember that lovely rumor from November? You know, the one about a possible Supergirl crossover with The Flash? Both DC Comics properties are the result of co-creator and executive producer Greg Berlanti’s hard work, so you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to schedule a meet-up. Since two different networks are carrying these shows, however, the possibility of a crossover event decreases significantly. Never fear, though, because according to comments made by Berlanti and others at the Television Critics Association’s 2016 winter press meeting, the decision deadline is just one month away.

Entertainment Weekly asked Berlanti about the state of the crossover idea, which may also include machinations for the producer’s other CW show, Arrow. He answered without hesitation:

“I would love it, a lot of things would have to go right and people would have to say ‘Yes,’ ” Berlanti said. “It would have to be figured out very soon. It would all have to be figured out in the next month or so. As it remains right now we’ve talked internally about how cool it would be, but we haven’t had official conversations. (The CW chief Mark Pedowitz) is supportive.”

In other words, most of the major players necessary to make the decision are on board with the idea. The problem? Aside from a few conversations about “how cool it would be,” nothing official has happened yet. At least The CW’s president is on board.

He confirmed as much when Variety asked him about the state of the crossover:

“We are open if Greg [Berlanti], Marc [Guggenheim] and Andrew [Kreisberg] and Ali Adler can find a way to do it, we’re open to do it. The question is, can they find a way in all their business.”

Berlanti, his creative team, and Pedowitz all chimed in on the matter during TCA 2016. CBS, however, did not go on record with any comments for or against a Supergirl/Arrow/The Flash crossover. Considering the actual interest (and possible ratings) such a multi-network television event would garner, it’s highly unlikely the major network wouldn’t at least be interested in the prospect.

Either way, let’s hope everyone involved in the matter comes together and makes a decision in time for May sweeps. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Kara Zor-el (Melissa Benoist) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) race each other while Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) looks on like a bored, disappointed older brother?

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