T-Mobile Girl on “Powers”, Immediately Killed Off

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06.28.11 3 Comments

You might remember Carly Foulkes as the girl who looks sort of like Anne Hathaway in those T-Mobile commercials, but soon you’ll know her better as a corpse.

OK, OK, she’ll probably have some flashbacks: she’s cast as Retro Girl in the “Powers” series F/X seems to be fast-tracking.

We’ve already mentioned they’ve cast the leads with Jason Patric and Lucy Punch, who already has a superhero name so good choice, casting department. Apparently, before she was eye candy that insulted bald guys in suits for a living, Foulkes was a model, so we’ll see how she handles a meaty, dramatic role.

Also how she looks in a bustier.

[ via the spokesninjas at The Mary Sue ]

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