‘Tales From The Borderlands’ Looks Pretty Slick

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05.05.14 2 Comments


Tales From The Borderlands promises to be an interesting game, not least because it takes the loot-crazy shooter and turns it into an adventure game. And apparently, Telltale is rather committed to ensuring the game fits in with the rest of the Borderlands universe.

These screenshots were revealed by Telltale as part of a quick update about the game, mostly to let us know that yes, it’s still coming. The story is actually fairly ambitious: Players will jump between the two leads, Rhys and Fiona, and will often see the same events from both their perspectives.



And, yeah, Telltale’s decision-making gameplay style will be part of the deal. The game centers largely around money and greed; taking the cash might keep your options open later in the game, but it might also set you up for a very angry discussion with some very unpleasant people. Oh, and yes, there will be shooting, and apparently quite a bit of it.

It’ll also tie into various Borderlands games, although how is yet to be discussed; at a guess, it’ll be the Pre-Sequel that gets the love. As for a release date, this being Telltale… well, sometime this year, probably. We’re guessing it’ll be September or October, as they probably want to wrap The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two first.

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