Tanit Phoenix Possibly Wonder Woman, Definitely Half Naked

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11.02.10 15 Comments

In case you missed it, David E. Kelley is writing and producing a Wonder Woman TV show.  (I didn’t know she was a sassy lawyer and/or stressed-out physician.)  Nobody’s been cast as Wonder Woman yet, but that won’t stop anybody from speculating that the role might be offered to South African model Tanit Phoenix.

My contact passes on a rumor that the model cum actress [Ed- giggity] has actually already spoken to key members of the production team and expressed interest . . .  and they’re (that includes some suits at Warner Bros, whom she did The Thirst [Lost Boys sequel] with) apparently big fans, so her name will undoubtedly be amongst the four or five young actresses that are ultimately shortlisted for the role of the Amazonian princess. “She will definitely get to screen test”, says an insider. [What’s Playing]

So yeah. She isn’t cast, she hasn’t even auditioned yet, but far be it from us to pass up an excuse to post a bunch of probably safe for work pics of a model.  Oh, look. We dropped something:

[13 more pics at Blastr.]

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